Friday, June 16, 2017

ITBP reloaded

He was simply perfect as a Commandant of the ITBP Academy in Mussoorie. Tall, patrician and breathtakingly elegant. When he spoke, everything else froze. When he wore the uniform, everyone else looked diminished. When he walked around, he owned the locale.
Today during our morning run, I came across him near the ITBP premises. And what he said is perhaps the best compliment for me ever~"O, You are fitter than before boy!". When such words come from someone you have always looked up to, it means so much to us. After that, the rest of the run was effortless as if I was flying. ITBP, reloaded!

Rage, rage

If you have traveled through the zillion hawker centers or basement Food Courts in several Shopping malls of Singapore, you would have noticed many old people working as cleaning staff or as helpers. Intrigued, I tried to get some answers from them on why they had to still work?
For some it was to avoid boredom and for others it was the will to continue to contribute to the society. For very few, it was about the money. Whatever be the reason, you would surely be blown away by their energy. Overwhelmed by their perpetual industry, I remembered those wonderful lines by Dylan Thomas celebrating the undying spirit....
"Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light."

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Adieu, Tezpur

That walk around Cole Park,
That drive through to Nameri,
Serenity of Brahmaputra,
Maaculanity of Kolia Bhomora,
I shall miss.
Those cycle rides amidst thy pastures,
That ubiquitous calmness,
Thy variety, thy richness,
I shall miss.
Those strides in the deep,
The treks in the woods,
Thy fullness, thy antiquity,
I shall miss.
That melodious Axomiya,
And it's endless linguistic nuances,
That novelty of culture,
Thy magnanimity of Bihu,
Thy affinity, thy love,
I shall miss.
Thou shall go on,
Thou shall conquer,
Horizons, old and new,
Adieu Tezpur, my love.


While reading about the high Maternal Mortality Rates in the Tea Gardens of our country, I came across this statement by Rev. Charles Dowding which perhaps encapsulates much more wisdom than the obvious context of it. In 1894, he had remarked ,"Low wage-rate and High death-rate are convertible terms".
The statement hits you beyond the realms of MMR and you suddenly find yourself amidst the dichotomies of Pessimism-Optimism, of Cynicism-Constructive Criticism, of Devilish-Godlike and of Ugliness-Beauty. And that moving from former to latter is simply a choice. And that they too are, convertibles.

To Football

Last night I was watching Francesco Totti's farewell. He has been with his football club for so long, so much so that he perhaps has become a part of its DNA. Now I am neither a Totti fan nor a Roma fan. But it so happened that the eyes swelled up with tears. Why?
Perhaps it was a celebration of loyalty. Perhaps it were the contagious tears in the eyes of thousands of Roma fans. Perhaps it was the industry of this man in question. Perhaps it was the loss to the game of football. Let's raise a toast, to Totti, and more aptly, to Football!