Sunday, May 19, 2019

Entrepreneurial contagion

Pumped by the media coverage he had received lately, he seemed overwhelmed with the urge to expand and embrace. The applause received from across to make organic and biodegradable Areca plates pushed him to think further. Is there a way he can replace the plastic packaging, he pondered.

Then comes across another local entrepreneur experimenting with making products with recycled paper. The deliberations catalyzed by plastic guilt and organic collaboration may invent a green solution. Entrepreneurial contagion on the move. Good intentions are infectious. #StartUpIndia

Monday, May 6, 2019

Blessed ruins

The overwhelmingly loud gushing sound of the water was audible from a distance. As we approached the stream on foot, we could see the end block. Across the river, there were four villages untouched from the so called developmental discourse. The only way across was this aging and questionable hanging bridge.
The bamboo sticks were supported by several iron beams and at some junctions additional support was given diagonally from near by trees. On being asked where they got the beams, their response was,"We just found it drifting along in the stream one day, perhaps abandoned from somewhere up, then we decided to use it as we desperately needed a bridge". Ruins from upstream, a blessing downstream.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Siamese twins

One of them started a restaurant in the center of the city. With a flair for cuisines, he wishes to expand and achieve success in the food segment. The second, taking inspiration from some YouTube videos, bought a Areca Leaf Plate making machine and stated a small unit.
As the second found it hard to sell his organic and biodegradable plates/bowls in this rural market, the first one chipped in, deciding to use and promote these plates in his restaurant. One entrepreneur providing hand holding to another. More power and success to these Siamese twins.

Whatever it takes

It was drizzling already. Those tinny droplets glittered against the green canopies beside the road. And the not so cold breeze surely made the Williamnagar 10K Run more pleasant than ever before.
While on the return curve, I ran past couple of runners who seem to have stopped to catch a breath. One of them whispered,"We must resume our run, it would be embarrassing to finish behind DC". I just couldn't hide the amusement. Doesn't matter what pushes them, I pondered, as long as they feel motivated to march forward. I slowed down a bit. Whatever it takes.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

To bridge the gap

"I want to go back to my village so that I can help my people find a livelihood in some way. They are not aware about so many schemes and new technologies, I will spread awareness and help them to achieve their ambitions", said a young post graduate student hailing from Jharkhand upon being asked about her aspirations.
For Meghalaya and in fact for all rural areas across the nation, we need youngsters like her to take such a resolve. Especially those who have been fortunate enough to get education and exposure. If we have such volunteers in the field of education and rural development, we could certainly then dream of bridging the gap. More power to such souls.