Monday, October 27, 2008

The Pursuit of Complacence

A miraculous journey germinates. You are a tiny little cell.You are at this wonderful place full of warmth and full of care.You just lie there in peace.Sometimes you hear voices which you cannot comprehend.Finally the day arrives.And then you are born.You open your eyes for the first time. You are still helpless and cannot do anything about it but cry.There are people around who love you.They embrace you.You are scared but the love and feeling of being safe in those arms stretches your facial muscles.They call it your lovely smile. You cannot talk, you cannot walk, still you feel free.

And then you grow.Soon you are seven years old. The age of reason.It is believed that the day you turn seven, you become accountable to the almighty.Why don't they tell us this in kindergarten? Life without any rules for a few years....Oh man! that is so not fair.Anyways, you still live in your own world.You still believe that Santa is real.You still believe that dreams are not airy-fairy.You still believe that you will be a pilot someday.You are still unaware of the academic inflation,parental expectations and the bestial competition of the human race.You don't lie.You don't bluff.You are a little angel.

You go to high school.You go to college.You are taller than your dad now. Everything is just rockin. And then suddenly you are surrounded by few similar but utterly confusing questions. What do I really want from life ? What is that which my heart craves for? What is the ultimate purpose of my life ? This happens to everyone. Time being the only variable.Some try to dig deeper. Others go for a bottom's up instead.All in vain.The litany of questions knocks at your door again.And again.

So what should we do? Its simple.No, killing the silent guardian of Gotham City(read Batman) won't help.But it will be a hell of a tribute to Heath Ledger.Its even simpler.Just live along.Just follow your heart.Make every second of your life precious.So that when you look back, those shining moments inspire you for the times ahead.Let time show you your path.Believe in faith.Believe in destiny.And one fine day, you will be there.Everything which you did, will eventually make sense.As Steve jobs said,"You can only connect the dots backwards".The moral of the story is you should never abandon this quest until you find your answers.Don't ever compromise with circumstances.Some might complain that what if we keep wandering in search of our destiny all our life? When will we live our life? Well, may be life is all about discovering who you really are.Death is not the end, rather its the real beginning.Life is just the pursuit of complacence.

P.S Happy Diwali Everyone !