Friday, June 27, 2008

Breakfast at tiffany's

It was the champions league final.It was raining in Moscow.We were in the tunnel ready to crush Barcelona for the 7th consecutive title.We ( read KFC ( read Katni Football Club)) were the favorites. The MESSI-merizing Barca was shaking already.Perhaps they were scared of a shameful beating.Henry was standing next to me.He gave me that not-this-time-dude look and i just wanted to give him the finger.But hey, we are gentlemen by choice.Yo RP!.The referee whistled and the game was on.We created numerous chances but unfortunately found the woodwork every time.We were into the last minutes of the game.Becks gave a near-perfect pass.I headed it past the goalie.Score! Just when i was about to make a choice between different celebration patterns that i practiced last night, I woke up.Damn it! Does it always have to end before the celebrations ? Huh !

Anyway, today i was supposed to go for breakfast with Ivy.Actually calling it a breakfast won't justify the quantity of weird Chinese food I had that morning.It was more of a brunch. She was 26, a malasian and most importantly knew English.She was the first person i talked to on that island.She was the official mentor assigned to me when i went there.It was just a one day thing but was enough to make us good friends.After that i didn't see her for almost a month and then Jab we met at this dragon-boat festival thing the university had organized for the international students.,she helped me to make that thing that i was supposed to.In my two months of stay,I came across various aspects of the Chinese culture.I am not saying I totally get it but one thing is for sure, everything makes so much sense. To elaborate, in India people do religious things just because they have to, not knowing whats exactly happening? Or what the verses actually mean ? I am not even sure if the Pundits that perform the Puja's know a thing about it. I have always believed in doing things that I believe in. And I felt the same with the rituals and festivals these tiny little people with small eyes have.

Oh..sorry ! got a little carried away.So, it was raining that morning.I was really excited about going out with Ivy as all what i had done for almost a month was to fluctuate between the Lab and my room.I seldom talked to people.Not because I did not want to, but because of the fact that they spoke only in Chinese.So it was just me, my professor and the cute little aliens.Ergo going out to eat with someone who knew English was a bliss.And also the thing that she was really very beautiful.I was waiting outside the dorm with a jumbo Chinese umbrella and there she was all smiling and praising the weather.Then she took me to this not-very-big but wonderful place which was very popular in the locality.I will call it Tiffany. The actual name was really long and had like a zillion syllables.

We ordered food. Lots of it.There was this milk which was made by some beans, lots of fried chicken and other stuff which I fantasized of pursuing only in case of a holocaust.But it was very delicious.Ivy on the other side of the table, was more interested in India. She said she would love to go to India and witness an Indian Wedding. She wants to see the Taj Mahal. She loves Shah Rukh Khan and Aishwarya.She wanted to know why do Indian women have a red mark between their eye-brows. I answered all her queries and told her my perspective. After an hour long talk, we still had some food left. We talked about her family in Indonesia, her studies , her dreams,my studies, my dreams and blah blah. I never talked to a girl to this length. Maybe it was the loneliness.Maybe her simplicity.Maybe the attention that one deserves. Finally, we were done with the food. She introduced me to the owner and told him that i was from India and it was my first time at their food place. He greeted me and so did I.Then he said we don't have to pay as it was my first time( so nice of him ! ) but then we insisted and he gave a huge discount.This was it. I had to go back to that hole where some weird sounds prevail which don't make any sense to me.Huh ! But with a promise that we meet again sometime. Thanks for your time, Ivy !

P.S. Wrote it long back !

Friday, June 13, 2008


I would want nothing more from life if i had the pleasure of hanging out at the CENTRAL-PERK with friends like Joey,Chandler,Ross, Monica,Rachael and Phoebe.Actually,its not about the place.Its about the people.Its about how they influence your life and the way you begin to interpret things differently.It may not be colossal but the smallest of things do matter in the long run.I have always admired people with a positive approach towards life.Nothing is more encouraging and energetic than a smiling face.Imagine you walking down a road filled with strangers.Your smile can be the only good thing a person might see in his whole day.That helps.Believe it or not..err..Ripleys believe it or not !

Lets face it.Life has no meaning if we don't have someone to share.Joys and sorrows.I know you would say that we have a family to share with.But there are few things that only a friend can understand.There are times when you taste success.You are overwhelmed by jubilation.You are happy.But there are times when you sacrifice that moment so that your friend(s) can feel the same way.You are doubtful whether it was the right thing to do.You see their smiling faces.They hug you.You have never been more happy.You want to cry.You try your best to hold back the tears.Boys don't cry.I loved that movie.But girls,thats not true.We have feelings too.Maybe not on the surface.

Each person is different from the other.But everyone is special.Thanks Aamir; for TZP.Sometimes its difficult to understand a person.Sometimes we cannot make out why a person is acting like a complete psycho.Why is he being so rude.So selfish.You are not authorized to judge someone.Anyone,to be precise.You are not God. You just need to step into his shoes.See the world from his eyes and you would understand.All of your friends may not be goody-goody.They may have some issues.You should not just run away from them.You should not abandon them.Be there.Care.After all thats what friends are for.

They say that a boy and a girl cannot be friends.That is so not true.They even say you can either love a girl or hate her, but making her a friend is not an option.Again,not true.I have no clue what girls think about this.But i feel that its the person's qualities that attracts you.The chemistry that develops.The affection you feel.Life is full of surprises.Either agony or ecstasy.Everybody goes through a dark period.A time when you feel death would be a bliss.You are alone in the black bottomless chasm.You see light.But its too far.You will never make it. Out of nowhere comes a helping hand.You grab it.You don't mind if its Black or White.You wouldn't care if its a boy or a girl.Good or Bad.Beautiful or ugly.When you are in trouble, you won't mind anything.But had the things been the other way around?Think about it.

Well, we never realize what our Friends mean to us unless we are far away from them doing some stupid internship.Nothing makes the earth seem so spacious as to have friends at a distance; they make the latitudes and longitudes.Cheers to all my friends.Just want you all to know......

I'll be there for you ,when the rain starts to pour ;
I'll be there for you ,like I've been there before ;
I'll be there for you ,because you're there for me too !