Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Uniform Civil Code

India, according to the preamble of it's constitution is a secular state.The term 'secular' has different meanings in different nation-states. In United States of America, it means the dichotomy of religion and politics.It separates the two. While in India, it means that no discrimination will be done based on religion. In the eyes of the constitution, all religions are the same.That is the secular India we dream of.

India has majority of Hindus(84%). Then there are Muslims(11%),Christians(2.4%),Sikhs(2%) and so on.The remaining portion consists of Buddhists, Jains,Jews and Zoroastrians in that order. We are probably the most diverse state in terms of religion.Our constitution provides equality for all and the freedom of religion.But any minority is always bound to be exploited and deprived of certain rights.For that we do have a National Commission on Minorities which is very much needed.We can see how beautifully balanced the constitution is.

Some idealists though have been craving for a uniform civil code in India and lately these cravings have intensified and resulted in lobbying to pressurize the government of India to legislate for the same. Now, uniform civil code is an excellent idea.But we need to understand here that for that to happen first we have to get all the religious communities on the same page.Both in economic and social scales.To add to that, there are issues like separatism and communal violence that need to checked.It's quite obvious that such a move would attract harsh opposition from the minorities. With the 'minority' tag, they are entitled to various benefits and a sense of security which they would not want to give away for a uniform civil code.Some fractions of minorities who are well off might agree to it.But their numbers are infinitesimally small.They are the minority within the minorities.

Those who are pushing for an uniform civil code thus should wait for the right time.There is nothing wrong with it but the timing is always very crucial in such sensitive cases.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Since 1930

Gandhi taught us to break rules, screw the government and observe complete civil disobedience in 1930. Somehow the Gandhian legacy of civil disobedience has stayed with Indians even after 64 years of independence.People still break rules, damage public property, devise new means of tax evasion and observe complete civil disobedience.

Bhai log, when Gandhi asked people to do this that was meant as a protest against the imperial government of the Britishers who were screwing us day-night and on top of it sucking money out of us.We were worse than prostitutes then. Getting raped and having to pay for it. But those days are over now.They left and we have a democratic system in place.Why the hell you still want to continue the civil disobedience.Have faith in the system.Make yourself aware of the various policies of the government.Government alone can not satisfy 1.2 billion people.Your support is absolutely essential. Be a responsible citizen and for the love of Gandhi, give up civil disobedience.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


In this world every equation is balanced, every action has a reaction, every motion has friction and every good entity has evil in situ. We all have it inside.Sometimes it is lust or sometimes greed.Envy.Wrath.So many. And sometimes it is just a moment of madness.But it does come out often. And we all try to hide it behind our skins and don't allow it to surface.Not because we hate it. We do it to save ourselves from being hated.We fear an outcast.

But is it right to fake? And why are we so obsessed to please the society ? Will we ever attain salvation being what we are not ?

If we have faith in universal equilibrium and the principles of checks and balances, we can not deny the possibility of a Devil for a given God. As per beliefs, God is the good cop. He cares and nurtures the universe. And blesses people who accept his supremacy and become his devotees.Rather followers.And God as the dictator.Devil on the other hand demands nothing for himself. He would rather want you to let yourself go free.He would rejoice a world without any rules.He would stand for absolute freedom.He would liberate your soul. Still he is called the bad cop. Sometimes I feel this good cop bad cop routine is an ambush. Isn't there a tiny possibility that the reality is this routine with role reversal ? What if the devil's path is the road to nirvana ? Weird though interesting.

All the time we talk about morals and ethics.All the time we flaunt our good deeds.But haven't you heard what the joker said.People are only as good as the world allows them to be.When the chips are down, these so called civilized people will eat other.We do have animal instincts. And this world order will soon only obey jungle law.Survival of the fittest. The question is how long you can hold it in? How long will it be before you unleash the Shaitan within.