Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Shit happens, mostly in India

Train journeys have certain peculiarities.The slightly shaky and noisy experience is not that bad. When you wake up to a beautiful morning, you look across the window to find meadows.The picturesque display of Indian greenery certainly cheers you up.But every rose comes with thorns.Suddenly the beauty is replaced with multitudes of asses shitting in open and apparently singing in chorus,"Nile gagan ke tale, subah ke panch baje....."

As per UNICEF's findings for the year 2008, India accounted for 58% of those practicing open defecation globally. In simpler terms, almost 6 out of every 10 people in the world shitting in open are doing so on Indian soils. Imagine the rate at which mere desh ki dharti is degrading. A whopping 54% of Indian population practice open defecation i.e. almost 64 crore. It is a matter a shame and disgust that even in more than 60 years of democracy, we have not been able to provide the very basic amenities to people.

It has multidimensional ramifications as well. The economic impact of inadequate sanitation costs India 6.4% of it's GDP. One might wonder how can shit be of so much worth. But the numerous health hazards and epidemics resulting from the open defecation are damaging the health status of the country and surely is expanding the health care expenditure.Moreover, most of the open defecation places are ridiculously close to the cultivated lands.To add, with urbanization, the problem has spread to the urban areas as well. The slums breeding in the urban sprawls pose to great threat to the urban health.

An urgent action plan seeking to provide sanitation everywhere in the country is the burning need of the hour.Is it really unreasonable or unrealistic a demand?  We are not asking for 4G services for every citizen, we are not asking for Broadband connectivity to every rural household, we are not asking for an Indian GP but for the love of god, give the people of India places to shit with dignity.

Friday, October 14, 2011

FDI in sculptor making coming soon

Amidst the recent trends to allow Foreign Direct Investments( FDIs) in all sectors of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises(MSMEs), the union government's next move will see 100% FDI opportunities in the field of sculptor making. According to Dalit think tanks, this move is under pressure from the Mayawati led Uttar Pradesh government.

Even before a final formal announcement by the UPA II government, the UP state government has initiated talks with the sculptor making giants Madame Tussuad's based in London. If sources are to be believed, Mayawati has already placed an order for 1000 statues of herself along with some of Ambedkar and of some other dalit activists.

In the Memorandum of Chutiyaaps(MOC) signed between UP government and Madame Tussuad's, Mayawati has clearly mentioned that all her statues have to be in black as any other color could be detrimental to her massive dalit vote banks.Also, she wants the statues to portray all of her purse-collection, for which she is separately planning a museum as well.Moreover, she is not happy with the use of wax and is adamant for the use of a stronger substance.

Recently Mayawati was in the capital for a meeting with UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi asking her to fast track this FDI move. She also promised to erect Rahul's statue(as if she is capable to erect something else) in Bhatta parsual. On allegations that such expenditure of public money was extravagant, she said that statue work creates a lot of employment in the state and she also plans to add this under National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme. With more professional statues in the tunnel, the state of UP now plans to claim the 'UN world heritage site' honor.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bad lexicon

Words. Imagine a world without them. Silent and dull. They are the messengers of our consciousness. But a control over your lexicon is a must.

Sometimes we utter some bad lexicon. May be unconsciously. That creates a butterfly effect. It hurts someone close to you. You might not realize the same then. But then when you do realize, you cannot do anything. Words like bullets cannot be recalled.The best you can do is learn. There is no atonement for everything.

Any amount of tears cannot wash away the stains caused. And the worse part is, how the hell do I apologize to myself. It has hurt me, the most. I am not what I sounded like then. I lost myself for that very moment. Oh hell, I hate myself.